Fee Schedule




At Goodwin & Co Lawyers, we are always upfront and transparent about our fees. Where possible, we provide fixed fee ranges to help our clients manage their budgets. If costings caculated on an hourly basis become necessary, we guarantee that our rates are competitive and reasonable. 
Our standard fee for a general legal consultation of approximately 45-60 minues is $350 (plus GST) and such fee can be credited towards any subsequent legal services provided by us.
In some cases such as unfair dismissal and debt recovery, we can provide free consultation for up to15 minutes over the telephone.  
Despite that we normally provide fixed-fee services for non-contentious matters, our legal cost may vary depending on the complexity of each matter and time we spend in the course of engagement. To enable us to review your circumstances in details and discuss our estimated fees with you, please feel free to contact our office and obtain a quote from our solicitors. 
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