1. Commercial & Corporate
    Retail and commercial & lease disputes; Purchase & sale of business; Franchise agreement; Business Succession; Shareholders agreements; Put and call options; Corporate structure and partnership; Joint venture; Unit Trusts
  2. Migration
    Investment Scheme; Skilled Migration Scheme; Employer Nomination Scheme; Visitor visas; Temporary work short stay; Student visas; Resident return visas; Family/partner migration; Refugee or humanitarian entry visas
  3. Civil Litigation
    Contract & commercial dispute; Debt recovery; Enforcement of security; Equitable claims & injunctions
  4. Mortgage & Finance
    Mortgage of leasehold; Mortgage of freehold Personal Property Security; Guarantee & Indemnity; Residential loan; Revolving Commercial loan; Non-revolving Commercial Loan; National Credit Code regulations; Security enforcement; Banking and financial legal compliance
  5. Trust & Estate
    Discretionary trust; Unit trust; Hybrid trust; Testamentary trust; Charitable trusts; Particular-purpose trust Will; Probate; Letters of administration; Estate litigation
  6. International Trade
    Maritime law; Aviation law; Anti-dumping and countervailing; Customs; Public procurement; Trade compliance; WTO rules;
  7. Family
    Property settlement/dispute; Divorce; Parenting issues and child welfare; De facto relationships; Maintenance; Family Court proceedings
  8. Government
    Assignments on Procurement; Income Tax, stamp duty & GST; Reporting standards; Supply chain management; Executive bonus payments; Superannuation liability review; Probity investigations and consultancy.
  9. Property & Real Estate
    Purchase/sale of units, houses, vacant land, rural properties and commercial buildings; Strata dispute; Owners corporation & by-law; Environmental impact assessment
  10. Employment & Labour
    Employment contract; Service agreement; Unfair dismissal; General protection claim; Enterprise agreement; Industrial relation
  11. Intellectual Property
    IP auditing; Copyright; Trade mark; Patent; Licensing; Franchising; TRIPS rules
  12. Building & Construction
    Transport; Infrastructure; Power; Oil and gas; Hotels & serviced apartments; Real estate development; Easements