Mortgage & Finance
We provide professional advice and assistance in relation to various financial accommodations and securities, including residential and commercial mortgage, personal property security and guarantee. Our clients range from foreign corporations based in United States, Europe and Asian-Pacific regions to local operators providing or receiving lending services regulated by Australian legal framework.
Our team are structured to accommodate clients' urgent needs in cost-efficient ways and ensure their interest are protected in safe hands. Our services include:
  • Preparing finance documents including letter of offer, standard terms and conditions for commercial and residential loans, deed of guarantee and indemnity, general security agreement, deed of subordination, deposit set-off agreement, statutory declarations,
    and acknowledgment of common provisions in relation to mortgage or other securities;
  • Advice in relation to commercial revolving or non-revolving loans, residential loans regulated by National Credit Code, stamp duty requirements, priority disputes in enforcing creditor’s interests, and legal requirements for mortgage variation, discharge and foreclosure;
  • Attendance of settlement and registration of documentation pertaining to mortgage, personal property security, caveat and various discharges; and
  • Review commercial lease subject to mortgage and prepare consent to lease. 

“Don't lend when you do not have appropriate security enforceable at law”
Steve Mo (Solicitor)