Steve Mo is an Associate of Goodwin & Co Lawyers and has joined the firm since 2015. Steve has worked on a wide range of matters including employment disputes, commercial leases, banking & finance, civil litigations and bankruptcy proceedings.

In spite of providing legal services, Steve shares his values and principles with his clients, cares about their life and business, and attempts to build up meaningful long-term relationships. Steve’s approach is to be radical transparent from the beginning, lay out key objectives, simplify any complications, explore all options and find the most plausible way to solve major conflicts.

Steve has extensive experience in working with high-net-worth clients. He has strength in participating in strategic planning, coordinating communication with all kinds of professionals, and bringing forces together to achieve joint goals.

Steve also has a keen interest and passion in helping small business to grow, expand and thrive. Steve is willing to listen to his clients, resonate with their experience and share his views without reservation. Over the years of practice, Steve has become close companions to many business owners and developed strong relationships of trust and confidence with them.

In his spare time, Steve is the producer of “Life Think Tank” from 2018 focusing on topics regarding global economy, legal reforms, and culture conflicts. He is a believer of blockchain technology and has published commentary video on “how smart contract may change legal industry”.

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