NEWS   JAN 2016
  1. Monday: JAN 01, 2016
    First Home Owner Grant (New Homes)
    The grant assisting eligible first home owners to purchase a new home or build their home applies to new homes only and will reduce from previous $15,000 to $10,000 on 1 January 2016.
  2. Monday: JAN 11, 2016
    Office Reopen
    Our office will reopen at 9:00 am 11 January 2016. To make an appointment with our solicitors for the first Post-Office-Closure week, you may contact us in advance.
NEWS   DEC 2015
  1. Wednesday: NOV 11, 2015
    Greenfields Agreement Approved
    Fair Work Amendment Bill 2014 was passed in the Senate designated to provide the employer with more powers to resolve deadlock.
  2. Thursday: DEC 24, 2015
    Office Closure
    Our office will close at 5:00 pm 23/12/2015 and will reopen at 9:00 am 11/01/2016. If there is any urgency, you may contact our duty solicitor:
  3. Monday: NOV 30, 2015
    FIRB Application Fee Applicable
    From midnight of 30 November 2015, the FIRB's website will be closed for maintenance and fees will be applicable from 1 December 2015.
  4. Friday: DEC 18, 2015
    Goodwin Christmas Party
    We are hosting Christmas Party at Breakfast Point! Contact us today to obtain free ticket or voucher and make a booking. All guests are welcomed to join our celebration.